Scordatura - violin concerto / concert

Scordatura - violin concerto / concert

Four distinct violins (including a quarter violin), with very unusual scordature are played by the soloist who will try throughout the three movements to find the original chord of the instrument, like a quest for consonance, a balance, of a world without tension.

Sometimes techno sounds come to oppose this long journey affirming an abrupt reality in the face of what now looks like a vanished world, expressed here by a few allusions to the Concerto in memory of an angel by Berg or the borrowing from a small popular melody dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the Matchiche.


Bernard Cavanna
Scordatura - 2d violon concerto

In memoriam Berg
Matchiche variations


Ensemble Multilatérale
Noëmi Schindler, violin

Florentino Calvo, mandolin
Michaël Cozien, bagpipes

Léo Warynski, direction



April 5th 2022ScordaturaThéâtre du Gymnase

"Scordatura" by Bernard Cavanna, version for an ensemble of 17 musicians.
Screening of the film by Delphine de Blic: Geek bagatelles
with Orchestre de Picardie (conductor: Arie van Beek)