September 8 2022Festival Ensemble(s) - EntrelacsL'échangeur - Bagnolet
8:00 pm How do works, from a poetic and symbolic point of view, respond to each other? If these resonances exist, are they relevant from a perceptual point of view? The bet of this program is to try to give an answer to the question of a possible balance through the choice of the instrumentation and the personality of the soloists who will appropriate these four sound worlds. The unknown is all the greater when the variable of a creation is introduced...
September 9 2022Festival Ensemble(s) - Bridge(s)L'échangeur - Bagnolet
9:30 pm This concert, the result of a partnership between the Festival Ensemble(s) and the jazz department of the Royal Birmingham Conservatory, explores the links between contemporary music and jazz. Five students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatory join five musicians from the 5 Ensemble(s) for the interpretation of two creations, commissioned from two composers belonging to the double culture of improvised/written music: the Frenchman Sébastien Gaxie and the American John O' Gallagher.
September 11 2022Festival Ensemble(s) - OrigineL'échangeur - Bagnolet
18h For this final concert, the five ensembles come together for a total of eighteen musicians and two soloists. Around four composers, the program declines the question of Origin: origin of an idea, a sound, a sound sensation.
September 17 2022EMMANUEL NUNES / VICENTE LUSITANO / MANUEL CARDOSOFestival d'Automne - Chapelle Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière
6:00 & 9:00 pm Multilaterale and Métaboles in a Portuguese program: Emmanuel Nunes - Versus III, Omens II, Minnesang Vicente Lusitano - Heu me domine Manuel Cardoso - Introit de la Missa pro defunctis


October 18 2022CHORUS LINE #1 Gesualdo / Madrigaux italiensMaison de la radio et de la musique - Paris 16e
8 pm With the Ensemble Multilatérale, the Choeur de Radio France illustrates the Italian madrigal tradition, which starts with Gesualdo and, via the great Luciano Berio, is cultivated more than ever by Fausto Romitelli, who died prematurely in 2004, and the very contemporary Francesco Filidei.
October 21 2022LUIGI NONO / SALVATORE SCIARRINO / LUZZASCO LUZZASCHIFestival d'Automne - Église Saint-Eustache
8:00 pm Les Métaboles and the Multilateral Ensemble in an Italian program for the Festival d'Automne: Luigi Nono - Quando stanno morendo Salvatore Sciarrino - Addio case del vento, Canzona di ringraziamento, Cresce veloce un cristallo Luzzasco Luzzaschi - Non sa che sia dolore, Aura soave di segreti accenti, Io mi son Giovinetta, O dolcezze amarissime d’amore, Diario Polacco


December 4 2022ScarecrowThéâtre Garonne - Toulouse
5 pm Martin Matalon and the Multilateral Ensemble for a cine-concert on three short films by Buster Keaton
December 6 2022ScarecrowL'Odyssée - Périgueux
8 pm Martin Matalon and the Multilateral Ensemble for a cine-concert on three short films by Buster Keaton