The Collective

Since 2005 the collective Multilatérale collective stands for the young generation of composers and players. Created by Kanako Abe, Matthew Lima, Gaëlle Potet, Yann Robin and Gilles Schuehmacher, it brings together composers, players, musicologists and professionals from the cultural industry around one common goal: give a voice to the young music of today.

Every member of the collective brings his own personality and leaves its personal mark to this common project. It is made of concerts, in France and abroad, interdisciplinary projects and educational actions.


The Ensemble Multilaterale

Created in 2005, the Ensemble Multilatérale — its Artistic Director is Yann Robin, with Léo Warynski as Musical Director — is the entity that brings to fruition the projects of the eponymous collective in the course of its music season.

The repertoire features indispensable 20th century works alongside those of a new generation of composers, and the Ensemble has premiered many works by such composers as Régis Campo, Lucas Fagin, Matteo Franceschini, Pedro Garcia Velasquez, David Hudry, Clara Iannotta, Michael Jarrell, Jacques Lenot, Matthew Lima, Grégoire Lorieux, Martin Matalon, Sebastian Rivas, Yann Robin, Colin Roche, Gilles Schuehmacher, Marco  Suarez Cifuentes or Januibe Tejera.

The last years have seen the artistic project of this collective evolving towards literature, the theatre, and operatic forms, with a majority of multidisciplinary projects and notably two chamber operas: Aliados from Sebastian Rivas ( with a libretto by Esteban Buch, and staged by Antoine Gindt )

Through it’s participation to Altitude University, Academy Voix nouvelle and the numerous master-class given in France as much as abroad or the cultural activities organized around Multilatérale’s residency in Gennevilliers, the transmission and exchange of knowledge as always been at the core of the ensemble action.

Climax of the 2017-2018 season : the creation of Le Papillon Noir, Yann Robin’s first opera (libreto, Yannick Haenel / stage direction, Arthur Nauzyciel) as part of Les Musiques festival and the creation of Raphael Cendo’s Le Jour juste avant l’océan, in collaboration with the Orchestre National de Jazz, Olivier Benoit, on Rodriguo Garcia’s texts.

Those two projects were also the occasion for the ensemble to work closely with vocal ensemble Les Métaboles. A collaboration that will go on during the 218-2019 season with a new renition of Luigi Nono’s Io, Frammento dal Prometeo in festival Musica in partnership with the SWR experimentalstudio and with Messe, an ordinary day, major work of Bernard Cavanna.

This will of collaboration and experimentation will also express itself with the creation of Symmétriade – Extension at the Fresnoy, a visual and sonic piece of art where the music of Yann Robin and Alain Fleischer’s visual creation will collide to give birth to something new.

The Ensemble Multilatérale receives subventions from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication / Drac Ile-de-France in the form of aid to government-regulated ensembles; Spedidam and SACEM for its overall activity. The Ensemble is a member of FEVIS and the “ Futurs composés ” network.