Messe an Ordinary Day

Messe an Ordinary Day

Messe an Ordinary Day is articulated around two texts : the ritual text of the ceremony and the words of Laurence, a young woman, drifting, drug addict, inspired by Jean-Michel Carré's documentary "Galères de femmes". Those two texts plays on contrasts, as one uses a collective speak, vehement, crushing, full of certainty, against an individual speach, modest, human and disposable.


Bernard Cavanna, Messe, an ordinary day (1993 - 1994)


Ensemble Multilatérale

Ensemble vocal Les Métaboles

Choir of Gennevilliers' conservatoire

Choir of Renoir Highschool

Léo Warynski, musical direction



Mai 28th 2022Messe an ordinary dayL'Arsenal - Metz