George Crumb

George Crumb

Multilatérale and the Tana string quartet will pay homage to this master born on the other side of the Atlantic ocean and born exactly 90 years ago. George Crumb is a secet man who has always fled the spotlights, still he is aknowledge as one of the major composers in music history. "Free spirit", the word seems to have been invented for him as he has been inspired by a wide array of aesthetics such as the european avant-garde, or the minimalism and neoclassicism fashionable in his country. He has also explored extra-european music with a great acuity and a refusal of folklorism. His string quartet, Black Angels, apocaliptic visions inspired by the Vietnam war keep fascinating musicians who relentlessly decript its esoterism filled with paradoxical hope.


George Crumb
Vox Balaenae (1971)
Dream Sequence II (1976)
Black Angels (Dream Sequence) (1970)



January 27th 2020George CrumbArras - Douai - Le Tandem