Two decades after his death, Fausto Romitelli continues to exert a powerful influence on a new generation of composers. His work embodies the successful fusion of popular and scholarly music, chaotic expression and fusional pulsation, as well as the self-assumed transcendence of the psychedelic state, as demonstrated by the expressive power of Amok Koma. Hallucinations and inner visions find their place in Matteo Franceschini's Visions, imbued with the boundless imagination of the multi-talented artist William Blake. The dramaturgy unfolds in a universe of archetypes, forces of attraction and repulsion between text and music. Between appearance and truth, Pasquale Corrado's Eterno Vuoto revisits this age-old question addressed by thinkers such as Plato, Marcus Aurelius and Saint Paul, making it the pivotal point of his creation, in which vocality blends with electronics in a captivating symbiosis. The physical tension and resistance of the instruments, another of Romitelli's characteristic gestures, can be found in works such as Konter , for contrabass flute and electronics, by Eva Reiter, and Art of Metal II, for contrabass clarinet and electronics, by Yann Robin, in which this incessant hand-to-hand combat remains unresolved.


Matteo Franceschini, Visions for voice, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello + electro (20’)
Yann Robin, Art of Metal II for metal double bass clarinet and real-time electro (11’)*
Eva Reiter, Konter for flute double bass in C (creation of the new version) (8')*
Pasquale Corrado, Eterno Vuoto for mezzo-soprnao and soprano, flute, clarinet (playing bass clarinet), percussion, piano/synthesiser, violin, cello and electro (18')
Fausto Romitelli, Amok Koma for flute, clarinet (also bass clarinet), percussionist, piano, electronic keyboard/MIDI/synthesiser [sampler] , violin, viola, cello (12')


*Depending on the version of the project, the second piece played varies between these two compositions by Eva Reiter and Yann Robin


Ljuba Bergamelli, soprano
Laura Muller, mezzo-soprano
Matteo Cesari, flute

Ensemble Multilatérale

Léo Warynski, direction