Symétriades - Extensions / Visual & sonic artwork

Symétriades - Extensions / Visual & sonic artwork

Symétriades/Extensions takes is a work with three correlated focus: performance, sound and visual. The poetic universe of this project is directly inspired by Stanislas Lem’s science fiction novel Solaris. Solaris is a planet orbiting around two suns with its whole surface covered by an ocean of protoplasmic matter. A total enigma for the scientists studying it for more than a century. The ocean creates at its surface some gigantic formations named by the scientists according to there shapes and characteristics, among them are : Symétriades and Asymétriades…

Symétriades/Extension is a collaborative work between Nicolas Crosse (double-bass), Alain Fleisher (visual artist) and Yann Robin (composer). Through this work we plan to give birth to a gigantic, organic, « living » creature of which every element composing will be interdependent and where the center, the major organ will be the double bass player and his instrument. The soloist will stand on a structure on the center of the playing « space ». The body of the player, the double-bass and the structure will work as a screen where the visual transformation will occur. The visual will also extend to the architectural space hosting the performance. The birth of this project will take place in the great nave of the Fresnoy. This space allows an ideal scenography where the musician, center of the events, will be as thrown in an arena and observed from the balcony overlooking it. The sound of the instrument will be treated by algorithms in real-time then broadcasted and specialized through speakers and subwoofers disposed around, above and below the audience. The audience will be drown in the experience. The sound effects, as well as the visual will correlate with the instrumental gesture from the soloist, meaning the numeric tools will react to the physical action of the player and the energy he will impulse to its instrument. These interactions, merging what we hear and what we see, aims to create a new object where the only thing relevant is the perceptive and sensorial experience.


Yann Robin Symétriades

Alain Fleischer, visual artist


Soloist from Multilatérale ensemble
Nicolas Crosse,

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