Scarecrow / Ciné-concert

Scarecrow / Ciné-concert

Genius film director, mime artist and acrobat who has been able to set himself free from the rules of gravity. Buster Keaton is truly the alpha and the omega of silent cinema. His films have the ability to turn the reality upside down to take us on a humourous journey to a dreamlike world.

Martin Matalon, master of this craft, will take a hold of three of Buster Keaton’s short films gathered in a show where the energy and the vivacity of the sounds will reflect those of the images.

It’s under the baton of Léo Warynski that the Ensemble Multilatérale will give life to these instants of surrealistic poetry pregnant with creativity and surprises.


Ciné-concert on three Buster Keaton's short films :

The Playhouse (1921, 20")
One Week (1920, 20")
The Scarecrow (1920, 20")

Martin Matalon, music


Ensemble Multilaterale

Léo Warynski, musical direction