Piano Percussion Duet

Piano Percussion Duet

The piano and percussion instruments alone have hundreds of different sounds and playing techniques, making the musical and rhythmic possibilities infinite. This project proposes to highlight some of the facets of these instruments and to discover them in turn in solo and duo pieces.

Alongside this programme, the Multilatérale ensemble is partnering the Barcelona Modern Academy, a Spanish composition academy. During the Academy, young composers will compose for piano and percussion, accompanied by Lise Baudouin and Hélène Colombotti, soloists with the Multilateral ensemble.

Practical information:

Concert on 29 March 2023, Fondatió Phonos-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Salle Aranyó, Barcelona.


Bedrossian, Edges, for piano and percussions

Matalon, Short stories, for vibraphone

Hurel, Tombeau in memoriam Gérard Grisey, for piano and percussions

Lorusso, Wadi rum et Atacama, extracts from Déserts, for piano


Lise Baudouin, piano

Hélène Colombotti, percussions