The musical theater directing academy

The musical theater directing academy

Directed by Antoine Gindt and Léo Warynski, produced by T&M in Nîmes, in an appropriate setting and exceptional cultural context, the Academy offers a unique training course dedicated to the approach and practice of staging musical works.

Under the mentorship of a professional team, with renowned and experienced performers (soloists and musicians), the Academy gives the selected teams the possibility to stage a reference work of 20th century music theatre.

This production will be showed to the public and to the professionals at the end of the Academy.
The Academy has three main goals:

To offer a time of training, learning and practicing, reflection and exchange to young staging teams and to young artists coming from art, musical, theatrical (…) studies,

To give a chance to young artists to be in touch with the fundamental music theater repertoires of 20th and 21st century,

To share this educational period with the public and with cultural and performing arts professionals.

The Academy will start on February 2022 (Staging projects).
Courses and workshops will take place in Nîmes, May 2-14, 2022.


Ensemble Multilatérale

Direction musicale, Léo Warynski



May 13th 2022El CimarrónThéâtre de Nîmes, Odéon
8:00 pm

El Cimarrón by Hans Werner Henze is a committed and fascinating score, rarely staged in France

May 13th 2022RécitationsLe Petit Temple - Nîmes
6:00 pm

Récitations, by Georges Aperghis for solo voice

May 12th 2022L'histoire du SoldatCentre social Simone Veil - Nîmes
8:00 pm

Original and emblematic score from the beginning of the 20th century, l'Histoire du Soldat was composed by Igor Stravinsky for three actors and a small ensemble of 7 musicians

May 12th 2022Masterclass : Laurent BayleAuditorium du Musée de la Romanité - Nîmes
10:00 am

Le théâtre musical dans le monde de la musique par Laurent Bayle, fondateur et ancien directeur de la Philharmonie de Paris

May 11th 2022concert of academiciansAuditorium du Musée de la Romanité - Nîmes
19:00 pm

Gathered for two weeks in Nîmes, the students of the Academy, mostly trained in artistic higher schools, are invited to perform during a varied and virtuoso program…

May 11th 2022Masterclass : Sarah BardebetteCarré d'art - Nîmes
10:00 am

The Making of an Opera with Sarah Barbedette, Doctor of Literature, Artistic Director of the Paris Chamber Orchestra

May 10th 2022Masterclass : Marie-Louise BischofbergerCarré d'art - Nîmes
10:00 am

From the libretto to the staging with Marie-Louise Bischofberger, playwright and director

May 9th 2022Screening of the film Indes GalantesCinéma le Sémaphore - Nîmes
8:30 pm

Documentary film by Philippe Béziat (2020)
For three years, from the proposal made to visual artist and videographer Clément Cogitore to stage "Les Indes Galantes" at the Opéra Bastille, Philippe Béziat followed the editing and performances of the show.

May 9th 2022Masterclass : Philippe BéziatCinéma le Sémaphore - Nîmes
10:00 am

From stage to screen with director Philippe Béziat

May, 8th 2022Screening of the film 200 Motels - Frank ZappaCinéma le Sémaphore - Nîmes
8:00 pm

Film directed by Corentin Leconte and Philippe Béziat (2019). Recording of Antoine Gindt's show at the Philharmonie de Paris