Mosaïques - Soundpainting / Recording

Mosaïques - Soundpainting / Recording

Benjamin de la Fuente and François Cotinaud are here, in keeping with the long tradition of the "open work" where the relation between interpret and composer is redefined.

François Cotinaud is a soundpainter, founder of the Soundpainting Festival and theoretician of the soundpainting. He recorded with the Klangfarben Ensemble the first soundpainting disc ever recorded in France: Monologue de Schonberg

In February 2016, he briefly directed the Ensemble Intercontemporain, in a suite of pieces by François Rossé. The experience, which had a great reception, is at the origin of the "Mosaïque" project.

Throughout his career Benjamin de la Fuente has created bridges between writing and improvisation. He has composed for contemporanean ensembles but also for the Orchestre National de Jazz. He is himself well versed in improvisation, notably with his band Caravaggio.


Benjamin de la Fuente, writen elements

François Cotinaud, composition, soundpainting


Ensemble Multilatérale
Samuel Bricault, flute
Dianne Chirat-Batello, oboe
Bogdan Sydorenko, clarinet
Raphael Duchateau, trumpet
Mathieu Adam, trombone
Hélène Colombotti, percussion
Aurélie Saraf, harp
Lise Baudouin, piano
Pieter Jansen, violin
Pablo Tognan, cello