J'Ouïs / Record

J'Ouïs / Record

« In the 70-80’s, « Spectral » music was born in France. This wave marks a new step in the way composers thought about sound and timbre, and how those can evolve. Gerard Grisey was one of the principal represent of this trend.

Grisey’s music had a great impact on Fausto Romitelli’s work in the 90’s, who kept the main principles, especially the process of transformation of the sound but in the meanwhile, integrating influences from other type of music, such as « pop » and « electrified music ». He opened the possibility of reaching out for new influences which gave to the next generation of composers a new form of liberty.

It might be the reason why in the 2000’s, a new trend was born in France, sometimes labeled « Saturation » with composers such as Yann Robin or Franck Bedrossian, focussing on the exces on every level (intensity, speed, gesture…). This trend was about to open a new world of uncharted instrumental territories. »


Tristan Murail, Les 13 couleurs du soleil couchant for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello
Yann Robin, Fterà II, for bass clarinet, piano and cello
Fausto Romitelli, Le Domeniche alla periferia dell’impero, Prima domenica et Seconda domenica: Omaggio a Gérard Grisey for flute, clarinet, violin and cello
Franck Bedrossian, The Spider as an artist for cello
Gérard Grisey, Talea, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello


Ensemble Multilatérale
Matteo Cesari, flute
Bogdan Sydorenko, clarinet
Lise Baudouin, piano
Pieter Jansen, violin
Pablo Tognan, cello

Léo Warynski, musical direction



February 19th 2021J'ouïs *Cancelled*Théatre Garonne - Toulouse

A concert including two great names in French music from the second half of the 20th century on its program: Gérard Grisey, for a way of homage with two of his works, and Tristan Murail, as well as several composers of the next generation, behind them: Franck Bedrossian, Fausto Romitelli and Yann Robin.