Io, frammento dal Prometeo

Io, frammento dal Prometeo

According to Aeschylus, Io had met Prometheus, chained, as she was roaming around the world, trying to escape Hera's vengeance. To create this libreto, Massimo Cacciari reuses elements of this drama and mixes them with exerpts from Hölderlin's Chant du destin. But when Nono take the textual matter, he streaps it of all narrative intentions and uses it for its sonic potential only as "in music only the sounds can speak"

Pictures by Cécile Nguyen-Ngoc


Luigi Nono, Io, frammento dal Prometeo

Luigi Nono, music
Massimo Cacciari, libreto

Exerpts from Aeschylus, Euripides, Hérodotus, Friedrich Hölderlin, Pindare, Sappho


Ensemble Multilatérale
Ensemble vocal Les Métaboles

Susanna Andersson, Raphaële Kennedy, Adèle Carlier, solo sopranos
Matteo Cesari, flute
Bogdan Sodyrenko, clarinet

Experimentalstudio SWR, computerize sounnd design

Léo Warynski, musical direction