IMMERSION / Choreographic performance

IMMERSION / Choreographic performance

" Experience the paradox of opening within constraint and the birth of apparition within concealment... A landscape from the outside to the inside, a dive into the abyss of our perception. "

Jonathan Schatz, choreographer


Yann Robin, Art of Metal II (2007 – 10’)
Raphaël Cendo, Décombres (2006 – 10’)

Jonathan Schatz, choreographer/danser


Clarisse Chanel, interpret

Arnaud Gerniers & Benjamin van Thiel, lights

Soloist from Multilatérale ensemble
Bogdan Sydorenko, clarinet



March 12th 2022Tremplin de la Création 2022Philharmonie de Paris
Works by Sofia Avramidou, Diane Daher, Aline Gorisse, Vincent Portes, Luca Ricci, Daniel Serrano et Zeynep Toraman (commission by Philharmonie de Paris)


October 13th 2017IMMERSION - Work in ProgressGennevilliers - Auditorium du Conservatoire Edgar-Varèse
"In this project, the audience will be invited to sense the existing connections between contemporary music, dance and digital creations, leading them through a poetic journey where the imagination will be allowed to wander inside a collective experience." Jonathan Schatz, choreographer