Festival Propagations 2023

Festival Propagations 2023

Propagations is a festival for all kinds of creative music and sound experiments. From written instrumental music to the most unexpected performances, every aesthetic is accompanied by original scenic forms designed to convey the essence of the artistic message. Familiar or unheard-of instruments, immersive broadcasting devices, sound transformation and artistic multidisciplinarity combine and combine to share with you the delightful surprise of creation.

Practical information:

Concert by Multilatérale, Départs de feu, on 14 May 2023 at the Opéra de Marseille.


Départs de feu :

Bedrossian, Départs de feu, for solo voice

Bedrossian, Edges, for piano and percussions

Saunders, Bite, for bass flute

Seltenreich, Ornamentation II, for flute, clarinet, percussions, piano, harp, cello and double basse

Leroux, Ma belle si tu voulais, for solo voice

Maresz, Entrelacs, for flûue, clarinet, percussions, piano, cello and double bass


Ensemble Multilatérale :

Matteo Cesari, flute

Alain Billard, clarinet

Hélène Colombotti, percussions

Lise Baudouin, piano

Aurélie Saraf, harp

Pablo Tognan, cello

Nicolas Crosse, double bass


Laura Muller, singer

Léo Warynski, direction