Le jour juste avant l'océan

Le jour juste avant l'océan

This new project was born out of a common desire to unite the Ensemble Multilatérale and the Orchestre National de Jazz ONJ in a singular creation situated at a crossroads where ambitions are placed in a single dynamic process: the quest for the unprecedented. Raphaël Cendo, a French composer living in Berlin, has long been a loyal companion of Multilatérale, and musically he has been marked by the concept of saturation, which also has strong resonances within the ONJ’s own musical orientations. Le Jour juste avant l’océan is an ambitious encounter, and Cendo is the manager of this project.

His sound-vision needed to be “ verbed ” : it required a text ( here taken from the work of an author and theatre director impossible to categorize, Rodrigo García ), and the presence of a vocal ensemble naturally imposed itself with the participation of six vocalists from the Métaboles ensemble. Le Jour juste avant l’océan — this “ Unidentified Musical Object ” — is a process that has been developed over time, with several stages of its elaboration involving work-sessions that brought Multilatérale, Les Métaboles, the ONJ and Raphaël Cendo together with Léo Warynski, who is the project’s Musical Director.

This approach to creation, this sharing of different universes, could reach completion only in newness, and the result lies in this resolutely contemporary piece in the image of a generation of today’s artists who bring work and music to the forefront, placing them well beyond aesthetic issues and questions over frontiers between genres, insurmountable limits and impossible junctions.


Raphael Cendo Le jour juste avant l'océan (2018)


Composition Raphael Cendo
Texts Rodrigo Garcia
Musical direction Léo Warynski

Ensemble Multilatérale
Orchestre National de Jazz
Ensemble vocal les Métaboles