Université d'Altitude #2

Université d'Altitude #2

From composition to creation
The Altitude University welcome every year ten young composers from all over the world. Selection is made upon application. Professors conduct seminars, workshops and individually tailored classes. Specially written for the Ensemble Multilatérale, the student’s pieces are rehearsed and played by the Ensemble at the yearly session’s final two concerts.


Francesco Ciurlo
Joan Gomez Alemany
Bin Li
Chih-Liang Lin
Sylvain Marty
Ali Can Puskulcu
Macarena Ana Maria Pastore Rosemanich
Giovanni Santini
Chatori Shimizu
Sinan Samanli


Professors : Mark Andre, Raphaël Cendo, Yann Robin
Flutes : Matteo Cesari
Clarinets : Alain Billard
Harp : Aurélie Sarf
Violin : Antoine Maisonhaute
Cello : Pablo Tognan
Double Bass : Nicolas Crosse