" Experience the paradox of opening within constraint and the birth of apparition within concealment... A landscape from the outside to the inside, a dive into the abyss of our perception. "

Jonathan Schatz, choreographer


Yann Robin, Art of Metal II (2007 – 10’)
Raphaël Cendo, Décombres (2006 – 10’)


Choreographer/Danser : Jonathan Schatz 
Digital artist/Video : Philippe Boisnard 
Lights : Arnaud Gerniers & Benjamin van Thiel

Soloist from the ensemble MULTILATÉRALE
Clarinet : Bogdan Sydorenko



October 13th 2017IMMERSION - Work in ProgressGennevilliers - Auditorium du Conservatoire Edgar-Varèse
"In this project, the audience will be invited to sense the existing connections between contemporary music, dance and digital creations, leading them through a poetic journey where the imagination will be allowed to wander inside a collective experience." Jonathan Schatz, choreographer